Hi Nate,

I've just put up a module with goes a little way towards improving the usability of the insert module with wysiwyg editors.


I'd appreciate it if you're able to give some feedback as and when you get a moment. If you like it, would you be able to add insert_popup to the list of other related modules in the insert project description?


Barry (reallifedesign)


quicksketch’s picture

Hi Barry! Thanks for this new module. It's actually pretty much the exact same thing as WYSIWYG ImageField, but since that module was abstracted into the WYSIWYG Fields module, I think it's a good thing to have a D7 version of this new module that just handles file/image fields. WYSIWYG ImageField was originally based on Insert too, but then the author moved to custom JS.

I'll probably have to give this module a spin before I put it on the project page. The overall code looks nice but I'd like to try it out for myself before recommending it.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

As WYSIWYG ImageField is now "Minimally Maintained" and the D7 version is still under development, the insert_popup module may be a useful alternative to people.

I wasn't aware of the WYSIWYG ImageField module until you mentioned it so will provide a backlink to it from the insert_popup page as people may find it helpful to compare with.

I look forward to hearing from you if and when you get a chance to test drive the insert_popup module.

Thanks for all your contrib work by the way- I'm often making good use of several quicksketch modules! :)