Here is a task to help in the upgrading of libraries to Drupal 8.x

Here is a list of issues which are needed to get libraries working under Drupal 8.x

Also possible enhancement tasks

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#1 libraries.code_.2058371-1.patch54.48 KBgordon
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PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 135 pass(es). View

Here is an aggregated patch with contains the 2 issues above and another 7 commits that I have made which getting libraries working on d8, and passing all the tests.

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Title: Upgrade to 8.x » Upgrade Libraries to 8.x

Improved title a bit for our dashboards.

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Title: Upgrade Libraries to 8.x » Upgrade Libraries API to 8.x

...if we're going for clarification, why not go all the way ;)

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Title: Upgrade Libraries API to 8.x » Upgrade Libraries to 8.x

Wow, @gordon!!! That is an impressive patch. I am incredibly grateful for you to take this on. Awesome work.

I must say that I have neglected Libraries API a bit in the past months, but what better to motivate me to get back up to speed than this patch!?!

There are some minor details, that I don't understand. Since Libraries API is completely broken on 8.x anyway, I'm tempted to just commit this nonetheless. Anyway:

I was about to ask why you removed the call to drupal_parse_dependency() and duplicated that function. I saw why and opened: #2068797: ModuleHandler::parseDependency should be public

If I read the patch correctly you moved the libraries_test module into the project root? I think the standard would be to move it into /tests/modules/libraries_test/

Just a heads-up: Now that the plugin system is a bit more flexible I think we can use it directly for library discovery and instantiation. I started work on that a while back in the 8.x-3.x-dev-1704738-tstoeckler branch but back then I had to basically fork the whole Plugin API. That should be much easier now. That should definitely not be done in this issue (or at least not in one patch) I just wanted to let you know that that would be my next step.

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Title: Upgrade Libraries to 8.x » Upgrade Libraries API to 8.x
Issue tags: +D8CX

That was a cross-post. Also adding D8CX tag.

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Here's the patch I'm about to commit. On top of your patch I only removed some whitespace problems and moved the libraries_test module to /tests/modules/libraries_test

I think we can do a couple clean-ups on top of your patch, but I want to get that out of the way first, so I'm going to commit this as is. If that's OK with you I'll keep this issue open for the clean-up.

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Status: Needs review » Active

Committed to 8.x-3.x!!! Again, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!

Marking active. I'll post either some thoughts on follow-ups or a patch soon.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Yeah, I didn't really get to it. Marking this fixed for now. I'll open separate issues for the other stuff.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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