My site name is my alexa ranking is about 500000. but on the google search, when search the key word " AAA BB" my site always in about the 10th page. From my experienced before, when search the name's key word, my site should appear on about the 1th - 3th page.

Another site which has the same name with my site, when I search the key word on google, it always appear on the first page. but its alexa ranking is just about 2000000.

Can anybody tell me what should I do to improve my ranking ? Thank you very much!!


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any advise please ? thank you.

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Having keywords in the domain doesn't guarantee rankings.

It's difficult to give recommendations without any details to go on.

Try comparing your website with your competitors on some basic SEO metrics such as backlink profile and domain citations.

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Are you having larger issues with your site?

First, I couldn't get your site to load.

Second, are your homepage and other pages currently getting indexed, or are you blocking them? When I search "", I don't see your homepage and only see 9 other pages, none of which load.

Also, as John said above, it's typically difficult to give recs without more context, but his ideas are definitely good to get started.