That's about it what I wrote in the title. Happens in situation where BEF and Views Selective Exposed Filters are working together, and VSEF returns an empty set of filters.

Asking for advice here as I didn't delved into the issue myself yet.

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If I understand this issue correctly, you are saying that if you have an exposed filter that provides a drop down list of options and then you change it in the "BEF Settings" to be displayed as "Checkboxes/Radio Buttons" if there are no options available for that filter, the filter will be displayed in its default state... an empty drop down.

If this a correct understanding of the reported issue, this issue occurs in on line 936. If the options array is empty the display will be reset back to the default format. This was part of commit 93d27e39 which was a fix for ticket #1912684: Error in line 752 and 752 of I think it was intended to handle cases where the filter is an auto-complete filter but BEF was trying to convert it to a drop down or radio/checkbox list. Since it was an autocomplete, there were no #options and as a result it was causing errors. The patch checked if the #options was empty() but that accidentally includes the scenario documented in this ticket where the #options array is set but it is set to null or an empty array.

Attached is a patch that I think will address both cases. By changing it from an empty() check to an array_key_exists() it should handle both cases.

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It's been committed.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.