I have Drupal site which is up and running and I've installed a module called 'Comment Notify' to automatically notify users that their comments have been approved. Problem is my outgoing messages don't send and when I look at '/admin/reports/dblog' it says there was an error in sending. Iv'e tried to bypass the Drupal system by setting up a Gmail and sending over SMTP but they still won't send. Anyone have any ideas why this might be occurring?

Heres a screenshot: Mail log error


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It looks to me like SMTP isn't working. You could first click on one of those errors to see if there is more detail.

I'd try sending an email from the command line of the server. If that doesn't work, I'd fix that first.

If you can send email from the command line, then I'd look at apache logs to see why PHP can't.

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Does SMTP need to be working? Shouldn't I be able to send it through the Drupal system without having to install a SMTP module? I'm on a shared host so I'm not exactly sure how I'd send an e-mail from the server

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Check with the host whether they support php_mail. Many do not, because they fear it being used by hackers. If they do not, you have to work out how to get smtp working, or move to a better host.

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Thanks for that. I've called up the hosting company and got it sorted, it could take up to 24 hours. I'll let you know how it goes

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So I rang the hosting company and sure enough it was an issue with PHP mail function. That has since been corrected and I can now send outgoing mail. Cheers big ears!