this my site:
i have two problems :
1- first 3 icons in upper right (facebook-twitter-message)
their links are wrong and i want to modifiy but i dont konw from where ?!
2- in this part http://magnology.net/magazine/Ar-1st-Issue
try to open any category it `ll give you an error because :
current link is :
and it must be:
how to solve this problems
thanks in advance :)


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1. Looks like the links might be hard coded into the theme though it is hard to be sure. Best ask the person who wrote the theme (or search for this in the theme templates).
2. Hard to tell. First thing is to inspect the View 'magazine' and see whether it is correctly set up. If you are new to Drupal you need to study the Views module, which can you do with built-in documentation (which you can read on the site if you install Advanced Help module), various video tutorials (notably the series 'Taming the Beast'), and perhaps best by reading the book 'Drupal's Building Blocks'.

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as your site is not accessed that's why i am not able to view the site.According my assumption i am writing the bellow solutions.
1-for Facebook-twitter-message link check in admin log in is it comes from any module if yes then you can change it by that configuration or if that hard coded then you have to hard code the link
2-for category if that is Taxonomy then you can set the link in admin other wise you have to hard code the links