What I'm trying to do is have this Alicia account user go to a page on my Drupal 7 site and they get a pre-determined image automatically added to their AA Photo Album - which is just a content type that I created with correct permissions so that those Alicia end users have their own photo album.

Here is a little more in depth explanation if one is needed...

Let's say I have this content type that you're able to upload an unlimited # of photos to and after doing so it creates a nice gallery for that page. This page is an end users photo album. What I'd like to do is say every now and then send out an e-blast to certain end users with a certain role and in this e-blast would be a link to a hidden page that if viewed by a user with a role - let's say a role named Alicia they'd get a pre-determined image added to their album. So this end user with an Alicia role will get this email and visit the link and automatically an image will be added to their photo gallery that they have. I already have this set up... where after an Alicia role account get's created a "AA Photo Album" (that content type I've been speaking about) get's created automatically and it has a default image of that character in it.

Anyone have any idea how to handle something like this? I've tried doing it with rules and I cannot figure out the action. There is no baked "add an image to a node" in the action within rules. I've tried adding variable and other things but cannot figure this out. Thanks ahead of time if you have any isight.