Dear friends,

i am about to finish a website of mine, devoted for movie reviews...and one thing that is still lacking is a Box office information.

I have seen on many places the box office statistics for the weekend or a single day, as well as some indices for facebook or twitter citation and so on.

I assume that this should be somehow implemented through feeds, although im not qutie sure and googling didn't give me much results.

Also, my website is in if there is any localised service that would give me a script, would be great. However, as most of the people, i would prefer having better control on what im putting on my website, so if there is a way to implement such statatics using drupal core + modules, that would be great.

I am very much looking for your comments and help.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes this is often done with Feeds.

I would first figure out what information you can get from 3rd parties and what format it's in. Feeds is good for RSS. You may search around for additional modules if you need another format.

Feeds will fetch the RSS and create nodes. You can then use Views to pull data from the nodes and display it.

If none of these work for you, you could write a module to do this.

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Thanks a lot for the reply.

And is it only feeds or the core aggregator could do that as well?

I have once tried to use feeds, it slowed down the site a bit..