Hi I'm new to Drupal, but love it so far reading the docs and seeing what it is capable of.........

I followed some guidelines as I wanted to create a theme, so I installed Zen, then used the StarterKit, to create my theme.....

I've enabled the start of my theme, by going into html.tpl.php and adding my main image of the theme in php through print $page['content'] = graphic theme background image.......

However now I have no way of logging in to the admin area to begin to upload content to my site......

Also which CSS file is responsible for the main styling of the theme.......




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insectPower: FYI: Good luck...


Zen Issues page.
(Note the 'Category' "Support request")

Zen Documentation page.

Zen project home page.

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Drupal 8 is great.

Re: Drupal 9,000
Three-minute Video on the problem
of technology out-pacing users.

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I reinstalled Drupal and Zen, then got locked out again, found a way to fix it......

Change Session UID to 1 instead of 0 in database log in as domain/admin......

However will need a better way for clients, so will look into your links...........

Thanks for taking the time:-)