I moved my D6 site to a new dedicated server at GoDaddy. After the migration etc., everything worked fine for an hour or so. However, now, when I go to the website, all I get is "302 found." I've spoken with GoDaddy, and everything on their end looks fine. They don't see any server errors etc. I've also looked through some Drupal posts, but nothing looks promising or definitive.

My .htaccess file has "RewriteBase \" uncommented, and it also has the 2 lines uncommented that re-direct the user to the site with the "www" prefix.

I've tried uncommenting those lines, but nothing seems to be working.

Please advise... This is a site that's live and heavily visited. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can provide any further info.


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Well alrighty then! It seems to have resolved itself. The site is now accessible. I'll post something if it goes down again. Thanks!

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The issue above solved itself but a new one has arisen. I had disabled clean urls to see if that would make a difference, and it's still disabled. Now when I go to www.website.com/?q=admin and log in, it brings me directly back to www.website.com. When I go back to /?q=admin again, it prompts be to log in. The same thing happens again.

Please advise. I want to re-enable clean urls and I have other changes to make. Thanks.

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Another update:

I'm now able to log into my admin panel. However, anything I try to do brings me back to my home page. I tried re-enabling Clean URLs, but when I clicked on the re-enable button, I get re-routed to my home page. I tried clearing site cache, but when I clicked the "Clear cached data" button, I was re-routed to the home page again. Please help!

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I found an article with directions on clearing cache and turning on clean urls from the database. I made these changes in the database, and the site seems to be working fine now... no weird redirect issues.


1.Clear (truncate) each table beginning with "cache" in the database.
2.Enable clean urls in the Variables table by changing the second number to a 1.