Try as I may I cannot get a multi-day event which includes either manually entered exclusion dates or unchecked days in the repeat date dialogue to display correctly on a month calender.

To be clear on what I mean by that: If I create an event that repeats daily over the course of two weeks (i.e. start today June 1, end date June 14), except it does not happen on Mondays I have tried both to simply uncheck the "monday" box in the repeating date dialogue and I have also left all the days checked but manually entered in the dates as an "excluded date".

It took at great deal of tinkering around to get the event to display correctly at all (example: at first it was showing ALL the occurrences of the event in each of the days on the calender. e.g. The square representing June 1st on the calender was displaying within it 10 occurrences of the Event.) I was eventually able to get it to display closer to correct (the event is shown as a multi-column span starting and ending on the correct dates) but it does not honor the excluded dates (in my example the span incorrectly continues over Mondays).

Does anyone have any advice how to either re-structure my content type or my view to make this display correctly?

Thank you, in advance.


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Well, after hours of frustration and finally deciding to post something here about it, I thought I'd try *just one more thing* and, as it turns out, it was a (if not the) solution.

As suggested by other posts regarding multi day events, I deleted my date field and rebuilt it from scratch with the following changes:

* Made the 'repeat date' a feature of the field globally and not just for the content type I was managing.

* Removed the "collect end date" option and, instead, used the "repeat until..." option as the "end date".

And voila, everything works wonderfully.

Thanks, Drupal! (And you too, Karen!)