I'm new to using APC and having a generally great time with this module.

The one issue that gives me trouble is that I need to disable APC when I run my migrations from Drush. I want my migrations to run during the night without human intervention so I need to somehow disable APC temporarily.

Right now I have two ideas:

1. Create a second folder under /sites/ with a new settings.php that has all the same info, but without the APC code. I would probably have to drush pm-disable apc in addition to this, then re-enable it. The only problem I can see with this is that after re-enabling APC I would probably need to go into the UI to clear the cache on the "live" version of the site which uses the default settings.php. Perhaps since cron is running from the real domain this is a non-issue?

2. Another method would be to swap out the settings.php file with a new one, but again this will run into trouble with the cache clear process, assuming that needs to be done to reactivate APC.

I suppose a third method would involve using separate settings.php files to correspond with separate databases. Run the updates on one, then push the database to the "live" site with APC enabled... again, how to clear the cache is likely going to be an issue.

As an aside, I probably need to rebuild my Apache Solr indexes at the same time.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this scenario it would be appreciated. If I can automate all my migrations my life will be much easier!


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#1565716: Make "drush cc" clear cache on the webnode itself

This issue is going to be solved directly =.