Release notes

This is the fifth release candidate of Panopoly!

Here are instructions on how to upgrade:

  1. Download the latest packaged version of Panopoly from This will include updated versions of all of Panopoly’s bundled modules, themes, and libraries.
  2. Upgrade your existing site to use the code you just downloaded. Check out these instructions for more information:
  3. Backup your database and run update.php *TWICE* on your site. This may perform several database updates for Panopoly and its bundled apps and modules.
  4. Navigate to the admin screen for Features (admin/structure/features) and revert any overridden features (unless you have intentionally made overrides you want to keep).
  5. If you are using Apache Solr, you will need to re-index your content due to schema changes in the recent versions of the module.

Here are some of the updates in this release:

Panopoly Profile

  • Made the install profile “exclusive” so it will install if you have it as the only option

Panopoly Core

  • Patched Entity module to handle access checks for deletion when using File Entity module (#1831578)
  • Enabled reasonable defaults for entity form field panel panes (#1994786)
  • Updated Entity API to 1.1 (#1995064)
  • Updated Fieldable Panels Panes to latest dev (#1995064)
  • Updated UUID to Alpha 5 (#2047953)
  • Updated CTools to include patch (#1925018)
  • Updated Panels to latest dev (#2047953)
  • Updated Panels Breadcrumbs to 2.1 (#2047953)
  • Updated Views Autocomplete Filters to RC1 (#2047953)
  • Updated Features to RC1 (#2047953)
  • Removed Views UI as hard dependency (#2002084)
  • Removed Default Content as hard dependency (#2044425)
  • Fixed IE 6 to 8 Issue with Open Sans Font (#2033441)

Panopoly Admin

  • Adding optional setting to enable the sticky and publish to front page option (#1985678)
  • Updated permissions for files based on changes from the File Entity module (#1996690)
  • Updated Admin Views to 1.2 (#2047953)
  • Updated Admin Menu to RC4 (#2047953)
  • Updated Navbar to Alpha 10 (#1971292)
  • Added Breakpoints Module (#1971292)
  • Added Underscore JS Library (#1971292)
  • Added Backbone JS Library (#1971292)
  • Updating Pathauto Persistence patch (#1979558)

Panopoly Images

  • All is well in this world

Panopoly Magic

  • Fixed bug with stripping of JS in add content modals (#1994952)
  • Fixed bug with field names specified in UI not showing up in table view (#1989404, #1989416)
  • Fixed bug with view mode switching for fielded views (#1989360)

Panopoly Pages

  • All is well in this world

Panopoly Search

  • Updating Search API to 1.7 (#2047953)
  • Updating Search API Solr to 1.1 (#2047953)
  • Updating Search API DB to RC2 (#2047953)
  • Re-enabling Solr Support on Pantheon (#1976178)
  • Adding pager to DB search results page (#2014385)

Panopoly Theme

  • Updated Responsive Bartik to Beta 2 (#2047953)
  • Updated Respond JS to 1.2 (#2037911)

Panopoly Users

  • Improved translatability of user login and password forms (#2027667)
  • Allow user picture to be themeable using template file (#2023433)

Panopoly Widgets

  • Updating Media:YouTube to RC3 (#1995064)
  • Making Widget admin text translatable (#1997968)
  • Updating Media to latest dev (#2047953)
  • Updating File Entity to latest dev (#2047953)
  • Adding patch to tablefield to help with auto submit (#2050657)
  • Updating Tablefield to 2.2 (#2053225)

Panopoly WYSIWYG

  • Allowed H1-H6 elements to be centerable (#2046195)
  • Hardened CSS around body tag (#2038267)
  • Updated Linkit to work for UID 1 (#2004520)
  • Updated Linkit to work with class names (#2038301)
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panopoly-7.x-1.0-rc5-no-core.tar.gz 14.73 MB 925c22d81a2ff86391ceb4e38b8bae55 16.54 MB 4af1330f33ee839cbeb985bd9ee0b0da
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