I tryed to use "field collection" module with calendar in views but i didnt get result. I added a relationship to field collection field and an contextual filter to the date field(in field collection) and selected the date field(in field collection) in Fields section.

How can i use "field collection" with the calendar module in views? Thx

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Anyone who is facing this problem?

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K, i found the solution. I had to recreate a views choosing the field collection from the calendar template.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I have a similar problem, I created a calender in views with a date inside a field collection (from templates).

My problem is; I cant seem to get the node title in fields to show up.

After adding a relationship for the field collection I can see the title and some other fields of the node. But they return blank.

What did I possibly wrong ?

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I'm having the same issue as RgnYLDZ. Thoughts?

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I'm having this issue as well... If I clone the Field Collection Views default view I can show the events with their dates in a FC, but not the nodes of other content types with their dates not in a FC. I've tried fooling with relationships and contextual fields. I'm trying to create a master calendar across content types.

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I've also recently run into this issue and created a patch for it. Not sure if this will fix everyone's issues but I'll document my use case below.

I created a View based on Content Revisions. Set the format to Calendar and style to Calendar Entities. My date field is in a multiple delta field collection so I added the relationship to the field collection revision and date contextual filter based on field collection item revision. In the contextual filter I set Provide default value to Current date, Dates to compare to "Only this field" (this depends if you have only 1 date or start/end), Add multiple value identifier to Yes, and checked off my Date field.

Hopefully this is helpful to others and I hope that my patch will also work with Views not based on revisions.