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The Zurb Foundation base theme requires jQuery 1.7+ to work. Thankfully, we have the excellent jQuery Update module to help out with that.


Download the theme from the project page and install and enable it.


Please refer to the attached screenshot for reference on the settings form.

  1. Enable the jQuery Update module
  2. Go to Configuration -> Administration -> Development -> jQuery Update
  3. Select "1.7" or "1.8" in the jQuery version select box
  4. Click on "Save configuration"


If the above steps were followed correctly, Drupal should now be using jQuery 1.7 or jQuery 1.8 and working flawlessly with the Zurb Foundation base theme.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Note that the D7 configuration is now at admin/config/development/performance and only provides the options:

jQuery compression level

  • Production (minified)
  • Development (uncompressed)

jQuery and jQuery UI CDN

  • None
  • Google
  • Microsoft

The CDN selection allows you to simply use the local version (None) or connect to the latest versions online through either Google CDN or Microsoft CDN.

Either option should do the trick for Foundation.