The MYPROCESSEXPO site needed to integrate with their tradeshow mapping solution, Map Your Show, and mobile users needed an easy way to register for booth space at next year's Expo. Balance Interactive created a separate look that was geared specifically towards Expo visitors: the result is a website that reflects PROCESSEXPO branding and materials and also allows FPSA to drive traffic to both the main site and the Expo site. All the site content is managed through Drupal. Content pieces are dynamically added to areas of the site as soon as they are created. The PROCESSEXPO site makes use of Drupal's multi-language support and allows FPSA to enter key pieces of content in both English and Spanish. All sites are completely scalable to allow for and seamlessly manage additional content. FPSA can easily add accounts for all staff members that will contribute to site maintenance. When adding content that has been translated, the site administrator clicks on a translate tab and enters the translated content in Spanish.

Food Processing Suppliers Association was a 2013 Blue Drop Awards finalist for Best Association Website Built With Drupal.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Drupal was chosen due to its content importing from feeds to create a site that automatically pulled content from the main site into the mobile site. The main site was on Drupal 6.x and the mobile site is on Drupal 7.x.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

FPSA is an organization that has made the most of Drupal as a platform. From Drupal multisite for their various website properties to the flexibility in multilingual capabilities to mobile this project is a terrific example of how small organizations can use Drupal quickly and effectively to reach their goals.
The primary goals of the FPSA Process Expo website are to:I increase attendee registrations; increase exhibitors; increase and track engagement on the site.
Since launch of
Site visits increased by 891%
Pageviews increased by 858%
The bounce rate declined by 28%
New visits increased by 1.6%
Visitors utilizing the Map Your Show feature increased by 789%
Online registrations increased by 100%
Referral traffic to the site increased from the following sources:
All search engines – 87% rise
Google – 1735% rise
Facebook – 281% rise
Twitter – 100% rise

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Since the content was being entered on the main site (Drupal 6.x), instead of entering it again on the mobile site (Drupal 7.x), the Feeds module was used to import content from the main site to the mobile site automatically.

Project team: 

Development Team: Balance Interactive