Enable the new Subaru BRZ to be sold online.

Buy BRZ was a 2013 Blue Drop Awards finalist for Best Marketplace/E-commerce Website Built With Drupal.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Drupal was already used for the main Subaru manufacturer brand website (http://subaru.com.au - Blue Drop Enterprise Site runner up 2012). A number of API based integrations into the core CMS combined with the functionality provided by Drupal Commerce were principle technology decision drivers.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Subaru (Australia) achieved a world first by becoming the first automotive manufacturer to sell a a model (their new BRZ sports car) solely online.

Demand was high with all available stock selling out in the first 3 hours. Sales have continued consistently since launch, supported by iterative site enhancements and 247 SLAs - car are sold daily around the clock.

The platform integrated with AS400 driven real time inventory tracking, insurance, finance and trade-in platforms.

An extensive UX process was involved covering both user and admin interactions.

The platform is hosted on Amazon AWS (with auto-scaling).

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Drupal Commerce key for the eCommerce site requirements.

Project team: 

Development Company: Sitback