The product ui module controls the collapsing 'read more' link, which I would like to disable. In addition, it also seems to provide some templating for cloud zoom, which I have chosen not to use.

A consequence of the cloud zoom thing, is nasty layout issue whereby it seems to insert some grid css into the area where the cloud zoom image thumbnails would normally be, this results in the product display being indented from the left. From what I can ascertain, this can not be resolved in the Omega css.

Disabling the module fixes both of the problems above, but also brings some undesirable consequences such as changing the cart block, removing the spinner arrows in the quantity widget and changing some of the cart views.

Could the module be re-factored to take account of the above?


The grid indentation thing can be easily fixed by removing some divs in the module template files. However this might be beyond the ability of some users and be further complicated by core updates.


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Could you explain exactly what you want with screenshots and links and maybe break it down in individual issues.

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Going to mark this as duplicate of #2168269: Product Display Container Settings. Product UI is providing some Omega 3 specific things for node--product--type.tpl.php, whereas the others are generic enhancements.

Any other points should be moved into their own issue.

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This took me a while to figure out also, but I found a link that fixes it
The issue is that the commerce kickstart has long text with summary for the body field, and truncates it in the display.
Simply navigate to /admin/structure/types then select your product display, and edit the body field. Where it says Wrapper markup, select No markup.
It worked for me, and I hope this helps people