When view the website on mobile;
Since my Primary region include 3 blocks I don't want them to be on top but beneath the Content region.
Except 1 Block that I want him on the top. do on my Mobile I will see:
- Header
- Top bar
- 1 Specific block from the Primary.
- Content
- Primary - Here a the 3 blocks


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Best bet is to use Context or Panels to rearrange the regions and/or blocks based on a breakpoint.
If you haven't used Panels before, Context may be the fastest route. You'll need the modules Breakpoint and Context Breakpoint also to set reactions based on breakpoints. Context has a layout feature that lets you define sets of region ordering in the theme.info file. You can then switch layouts based on a context, i.e a particular width setting.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Yap, I have used context and it's working great and even better.
Thank you.