I have a content type with an image field configured to use File (Field) Paths (7.x-1.0-beta4) utilizing token replacement for the file names. In the field settings I have enabled the File Name Options "Cleanup using pathauto" and "transliterate".

My Pathauto settings are configured to use a dash as a separator. Spaces are replaced by the separator and all punctuation is set to be removed.

However, when saving an image whose token-replaced name would include punctuation, the cleanup does not seem to happen. Specifically, I upload a file with the name "Ringling Bros. Circus.jpg". I would normally expect the new filename to be "ringling-bros-circus.jpg". However, the result I'm getting is "ringling-bros.circus.jpg".

The file name is applied and most spaces are replaced with the separator character. However, the period is not removed and remains in the file name. Strangely, the space following the period is removed rather than being replaced like the rest of the spaces in the name.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with Pathauto or File (Field) Paths. I posted in the File (Field) Paths issue queue but have not gotten any responses. I'm guessing there's more eyes on this issue queue...

Let me know if there's any other details or testing I can do to help narrow the issue.