I work on both best cms, off course I am talking of developer and designers favorite Drupal cms and most used wordpress cms which is easy to use from anyone.

Both cms has it unique features specially I'm big fan of Drupal but don't use most because I am not developer, silly but true. I used wordpress which is one of easiest cms after blogger platform.

I just want to know.. couldany developer make addon installation more easy which is more difficult to search, install and activation as compare to wordpress.


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It already exists in D6 and D7

D6 see https://drupal.org/project/plugin_manager

D7 see https://drupal.org/project/project_browser

Or a devs best friend Drush https://drupal.org/project/drush (While you can't browse or search with this one, it will let you quickly download and enable your modules quickly)