Hi All,

I am trying to write a new module that will contribute to the community that is using html5 library here http://html5box.com/html5gallery/index.php.

This will be goo for videos and images gallery.

Read through the document for drupal 8 module development here https://drupal.org/node/1915030 which is an incomplete.
I also follow the series of tutorial here http://getlevelten.com/blog/ian-whitcomb/drupal-8-module-development-par... to understand the .info.yalm, .routing.yml, and the MVC (Model View Controller). Seem to be very promising.

My first question is where should I place the library downloaded?
The second question is that I intent to have the library integrated with views as a plugin. So let say under views => Format => HTML5 Gallery.
Then the views display, I need to add to the container html div certain class and settings to make the library work such as


I haven't try to integrate anything with view before, so if anyone could help shed me a light so that I can start and then finish this module. I goal is to contribute back to the community since I really like this kind of gallery that work fine in all desktop, tablet, mobile devices.



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In D6 and D7 3rd party libraries were placed in sites/all/libraries

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Thank VM,

Would that be the same for Drupal 8?

How about the view integration? Any example for me to start?


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I haven't looked at D8's folder structure.

aid for D8 specifics is going to be few and far between until D8 is released.

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Thank VM.
Then let me start on Drupal 7 and then port it to Drupal 8 later.

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This will be a really good module. Is there any development started over this module?

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According to https://drupal.org/node/2170763 , in Drupal 8, they should be places in sites/all/libraries as well. But that could change in the future