I have clicked every single option within the backend here and I cannot edit the Front Page.


Where do I edit this page???


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The frontpage is a view.
So it should be in example.com/admin/build/views called "frontpage img" I think

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That link takes me to a list of options... (below).

Then what?? I was able to somehow find the Front Page "Title" edit section so at lease it doesn't say "Front Page" on the tab anymore.

But I still can't find how to edit the format of the Front Page. Add text? Revise the 2012 date at the bottom? Etc.

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I think what you're looking for is the Views entry under Structure. Once in there, you should be able to find your front page and play around with it.

I'd seriously recommend looking at a basic tutorial on Views first before doing any more, since basic information like that is usually one of the first things that gets shown to you. Views are really complicated and even a simple video helps a lot.

If you need more control than what Views gives you, check out the Panels module. Again, check out a simple tutorial and you'll be on your way.

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Within Structure / Views, here are my options:

- Add new view
- Add view from template
- Import
- Setting (Basic or Advanced)

After clicking through the settings... there doesn't appear to be anything indicating a slideshow or anything that resemble something directing to the frontpage.

I then found "LIST" which took me to a place I have been before, that shows the Front Page. There is even a big image that appears to be the slideshow spot. But I can't edit this location. It is listed under "Content" and is directly below "Title"

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Under modules do you have "Views UI" enabled?

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Looks like you have a view acting as your frontpage (nice looking website by the way) called "Frontpage Img".

The URL to that is probably .../admin/structure/views/view/frontpage_img

If you find that, you should be able to edit its content (depending on what you need to do).

As said above, make sure you do some reading up on this before hand - views is not difficult to use for this type use case when you know what you are at, but can be overwhelming at first glance.

As also noted, make sure you have the Views UI module installed, or else you won't be able to see the view items to edit them.

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Yes, there is a module listed that is called "Views UI" and that box is checked.

I click configure and it take me to the Front Page (Content) editor section, and I even see an image of what I believe is the slideshow. It is located in a box labeled Content.

There are also a bunch of options up top but I have been unable to find the correct spot that actually lets me edit whats going on within the Front Page or that pesky "2012" down at the bottom.

Title: MSK Illumination
Format: Slideshow | Settings
Show: Fields | Settings


Content: Frontpage Image Color
Content: Frontpage Image
Content: Title


Filter criteria
Content: Type (= Product)
Content: Promote to Front Page? (= Click here to feature this on the frontpage.)


Sort criteria
Page settings
Path: /front-page
Menu: No menu
Access: Permission | View published content




Use pager: Display all items | All items
More link: No


Contextual filters




No results behavior
Exposed form
Exposed form in block: No
Exposed form style: Basic | Settings
Machine Name: page
Comment: No comment
Use AJAX: No
Hide attachments in summary: No
Use aggregation: No
Query settings: Settings
Field Language: Current user's language
Caching: None
CSS class: None
Theme: Information

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Are you using Firebug?

Firebug will halp you see where things are coming from.
That pesky 2012 is in the footer not the front page.
It may be in the /admin/structure/block

To edit the view go to /admin/structure/views
There you should see a table of the views and see which are enabled and be able to edit those that are enabled.

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Drupal doesn't really have a front page.
As mentioned it is a view, waiting for something to be promoted to it.
In your case it looks like a slide show has been set to appear on the "front page".
You could create an article and promote it to the front page to get an idea of this.

Or take a look at https://drupal.org/project/frontpage
Or look at https://drupal.org/project/logintoboggan which may be more than you need.

Or you can create any content and make that your front page.
Don't know if this is enough to help you get your bearings.