Hi all... I was handed over a Drupal site and I can't seem to figure this one out. There are already many Categories created that house products but when someone clicks the overall "Products" tab it just goes back to the Front Page. I simply want a single products page that lists everything.

How is that created? Or is there an existing option for that?


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I assume you are using Ubercart for the shopping cart. The Products should take you to the listing of products (provided you are logged in as a user with permission to view that! that is the first thing to check). In other words that menu item (pointing to admin/store/products/view) should give you the listing you are asking about. If you are logged in with a user who has appropriate permission to view this page (set under Users > Permissions or (in Drupal 7) People > Permissions, and you still cannot view the products listing, you have a bug on the site. If you can see the menu link to Products than that should indicate that you have suitable permission to visit the page, so you probably need to look for a bug. First thing to try is always to clear caches (under Performance).

Taking over a Drupal site is much tougher than building a new one. Always work on a test copy of the site, not the live site, if the live site is mission critical.

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I'm sorry, I don't quite follow that explanation. This is the site:

I've tried to create a backend way to show all products by assigning several products to multiple categories and then simply redirecting the overall products link to this secondary category which has ALL products... but it does not work.

Isn't there just a simple switch I am missing which has a All-Products view?

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Also I am not exactly sure what you have done but you appear to be editing views. I see from the site you are using Ubercart, which I have used. The page at http://shop.mskillumination.com/admin/store/products/view lists all products. Of course I cannot check without being logged in, but if that page does not list all products your website has a fault.

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That link only shows All Products from the Admin point of view. I want to have a link that shows all the products I select in an all-encompassing category.... for the consumers.

So not limiting to Floor Lamps, for instance.

It would be all the Floor Lamps, and the Chandeliers, etc. etc.

You know what I mean?
How do I get that up and running?

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You should use Views module, which I am sure you have installed. You set up a new 'View'. This is a relatively simple page for a very complex module. There is a free Video tutorial series on it by Johann Falk called 'Taming the Beast' and a book I can recommend called 'Drupal's Building Blocks'. For this particular use case some of the simpler Views tutorials may do the job: there is not a lot of point writing another here, but something along the lines of choosing which fields you want to display, creating a View to create a page, with a a Grid output, add all the fields you want, Filter by Content Type > Is one of 'Product".

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Can I simply clone an existing category and then create a new one with all products? Or I have to create a new View from scratch? I'll give it a try...

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It is not possible to give a definite answer because your category listings are probably custom creations (I have looked at an Ubercart site to check before writing this answer). If you have a view in Views for a category, you may be able save yourself time by simply cloning that view, then removing the filter in the View which restricts it to a particular category. Remember to save the entire view after making any changes, to to make the permanent. If cloning the View you will also need to give a new path. I have a site where I call it /full-stock-list.

Having said that, it makes a lot of sense to get your head round the fundamentals of how Views work if you are going to be maintaining this site long-term. Many Drupal sites do in my experience take a great deal of maintenance, which unfortunately costs time or money, but it is fun if you are technically inclined :-)