I've checked and I can't see any options to export FlexSlider by using Features, so I'm assuming it's not there.
Can we add it?

Related: #1364726: Make FlexSlider Option Sets Exportable via CTools for Features


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They are already. We use ctools exportable a for storing config. Look for Flexslider Optionset in features.

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Are .. are we sure this is actually true? I have a fresh install and I can't see it in there.

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Status:Closed (works as designed)» Active
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Even I came across this. I am unable to feature flexslider configuration settings. The form which displays the configuration is not system setting form, Therefore Configuration cannot fall under Strongarm variables.
I did not find Flexslider settings under Features.

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Yep can confirm there is something going wrong here. Option sets are not available in the features UI.

*edit* you can't export the default optionset. Cloning and renaming the default will make it exportable.

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I figured out, that you need to create a new configuration setting on admin/config/media/flexslider page. If there is only the default you cannot export it in feature, but after you have created a new one (e. .g by cloning the default), it will appear in features.