Okay, so my wife is building a website. We got the latest Drupal, installed, got the website running, and she decided she wanted to use User Points, but half of the mods she wanted required an earlier version of Drupal. So I've wiped the server, deleted and re-set the database, downloaded Drupal 6.28, loaded it up to the server, the database works, and everything looks good... until it gets to Install Site. And all it says is "Home". No error. No message. No installing. No nothing. I've been over and over and over stuff. I started fresh AGAIN, deleted and re-created the database AGAIN, same result. I've seen this problem posted a million times with no certain fix, and often times, no fix at all. Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated. She's frustrated and I'm ready to pull my beard out. SOMEBODY, HALP!!!!


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Did you completely remove the original files?

Did you make a new copy of settings.php?