I have been working on replacing a single working site that is now D6x to D7x site.

The 7x drupal site = mydomain.com/capsule
Mysql > database = mydomain_data03 & user = mydomain_user3

The 6x drupal site = mydomain.com/capsules
Mysql > database = mydomain_data & user = mydomain_user

Mysql prefix for each site database = mydomain_


These two sites are located on the same server in the core folder mydomain.com and the respective versions are:

http://mydomain.com/capsule = D7x

http://mydomain.com/capsules = D6x

The D6x site has been up now for several years and is the current working site.

The D7x site is up and working correctly for several weeks, and is accessed by removing the trailing "s" from the domain pointer of capsules. capsule"s"

The D7x site is a complete replacement for the D6x site, but all links and domain pointers are presently targeted to the D6x site -> http://mydomain.com/capsules

This seems simple enough, but I've not done this type of upgrading previously. Since the 6x site has been up several years the ranking of the site is very good. I started to just use a CPANEL redirect, but there as so many sites with links to the D6x site and site pages associated with the domain (mydomain.com/capsules) I am concerned to do this properly.

I realize there will be some domain pointers to the D6x hyperlinks that will not mate up, but in those instances a 404 redirect or other redirect drupal function will have to resolve to a page where they can select the specific page of interest.

This may just take a change in the setting file, but I'm not sure how the database file entries are pointing to various parts of the website, or just how Drupal is pointing to the various pages of the site.

I may be making more of this than I should. I would appreciate any suggestion or thoughts on this.


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The underlying thinking is (assuming I have correctly understood your words) is puzzling. Surely when the D7 version of the site is up and ready to go as replacement for the D6 site (and a major version upgrade is often a challenging task, by the way), you will just put the D7 site where the old D6 site was. I am not following why you want your upgraded site to live in a different sub-folder than the old site lived in, and do a redirect. Surely the logical course would be to put your D7 in /capsule (the test domain) until it is ready. When it is working correctly, put it in /capsules (the paths recognized by users of the old site) and keep your test copy of the D7 site somewhere else (could be /capsule) for future testing updates etc.