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Last updated: July 26, 2013 - 16:16

Release notes

This new release of Views Megarow fixes the bugs listed below and brings more flexibility in the rendering of the megarows. You can now enable or not the scrolling to the row opened after submitting it and configure how it's done.

I'm planning to add an example module and explain how to update the parent rows for the next release.

Feel free to post issues if you identify some in this release.

Changes since 7.x-1.0:

  • #2020341 by xatoo: Added Allow adding views row classes.
  • Follow up on the issue #1788236 to remove deprecated usage of style options. Exposes close button message as asked in #2049213.
  • Expose settings for the megarow rendering in the view plugin.
  • #1920940 by ahmedeng: Render content in adequation if it is a renderable array or not.
  • #1840368 by D34dMan: Fixed Incompatibility with Jquery 1.7.
  • #1997640 by Cellar Door: Fix a warning in Kickstart.
  • #1931700 by agerson: Display the module in Views package.
  • #1788236 by lsolesen: Fixed Should not jump to top of page when closing a views megarow.
  • #1898386 by nicoz: Fixed Enabling Drupal style 'sticky' table headers breaks megarow layout.
  • Implement views replacement tokens.
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