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SHA-1: 8cedca0bfddba420384b530a508f10779b2e2da3
SHA-256: a10116db6f1d44da5132456e2e58488932f1cecfa0714f23df2f25434ffa33dc
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SHA-256: 4fa048c621e37e9fe800a91735abc93a9c2f655715120f2a99ea112535a3faf7
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MD5: 785370b87783d5544b4ad72b5767c252
SHA-1: a7bcfbd8cf58628d3beba8b2ae20a030cbc774c9
SHA-256: 5daa6693af17ae1bdb87a84de9aa5e4a2ef7cfb8f64fed2c2c4e7ef72cca4086
Download commerce_kickstart-7.x-2.9.zipzip 5.96 MB
MD5: 1f1e0b9a9d4e46d1a3ab14a988dbcdb1
SHA-1: e4d4f7086a435d1b23fc4408698885aceb5b3397
SHA-256: 4cea4d455c22f6f7455f8f29690320bcfa128c61f1b34f7fcab9cc4407daa3b0

Release info

Created by: jsacksick
Created on: 26 Jul 2013 at 15:11 UTC
Last updated: 3 Dec 2013 at 14:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.8:

Modules/Themes updates:

  • Update Commerce to 1.8
  • Update Commerce Backoffice to 1.3
  • Update Commerce Discount to 1.0-alpha3
  • Update Commerce Payleap to 1.1
  • Update Commerce Paypal to 2.0
  • Update Commerce Guys Marketplace to 1.0-beta4
  • Update Inline Entity Form to 1.3
  • Update Lingotek to 3.03
  • Update Message to 1.9
  • Update Omega Kickstart to 3.4
  • Update Search API to 1.7 and Search API DB to 1.0-rc2
  • Update Shiny to 1.3
  • Add Inline Conditions
  • Add Commerce Paymill

Other changes:

  • #2020355 by inventlogic, jsacksick: Fix undefined property type in commerce_kickstart_product_ui_preprocess_page().
  • Remove Jirafe.
  • #2039583 by menthol : Fix services link error message on update.
  • #1840726: Automatically update taxonomy menu after adding new terms.
  • Add missing label for field_images in no demo mode.
  • fixing an install form field regression
  • #2010328 by vasike: Fix term id instead of term name in the breadcrumb.
  • fixing gap issue between links and dropdowns in IE toolbar.
  • #2016663 by vasike: Fix current search block settings.
  • #2031887 by d_inevitable: Use the v0.9.15 of Chosen to avoid installation requirements issues.
  • #2033173: Allow hook_username_alter().
  • #2029325 by favrik: Don't reset options parameter
  • #1881208 by cn313: Fixed Toolbar Megamenu doesn't work with IE.
  • Add the Inline Conditions module.
  • #2009866: Fix commerce_kickstart_update_7216().
  • #1877594: Rebuild menus when enabling and uninstalling Commerce Kickstart Menus


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