Since Drupal say to be much more like a framework than a CMS I would like to test it :)

I would like to write a back end for a mobile Application that should be able to:
1) Read a set of content in XML format.
I think this is the easiest think... I'm figuring out to create a View for a content type and then find a way to show the View as XML. Admin user can create contents as usual.

2) Store data coming from REST requests eg. POST with email, name and surname.
Then the admin should have a view in the admin area to list stored data.
Oh... REST calls with authentication :)

Fisrt of all I would like to know if using Drupal is a good way or I should use a common framework (such as CakePHP) and which are, in yours opinion, the macro steps to do that?

Thanks to all


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Drupal is well suited to this. Look at the Services module, with which you can provide REST, SOAP and other servers, in whatever format (XML, JSON etc) you need. There is a link to a video on the top page of the services module. It's about an hour long, and worth the watch, as Services is a little confusing without watching the video.

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Tank you, I'll watch that video and then I'll try