I wonder if anyone encountered similar case as I'm having now. I'm using Drupal for FaceBook and Open Graph Meta Tag to make posting on to a FaceBook Page. The FaceBook debugger (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug) seems get every meta tags all right, including og:image. and I can successfully make the post on the FB page--the only problem is that the image does not show.

I browsed through the internet, found someone had problems when the image size is either too big or too small--but it seems not my case. I tried several different image sizes, none of them work. Besides the fb debugger tool, is there any other tools to debug?


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Check how you are accessing the Facebook (using http or https).
Try to switch from https to http in account Facebook settings.

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Thanks. My website does use https. Perhaps it's the same FaceBook bug mentioned here:

It looks like the problem only happens on one specific machine, like what was described in above link. I tested the exactly same configuration on two machines, only one can display images.

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My website only uses http and I have the same bug. Facebook don't show the image...

The FaceBook debugger (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug) seems get every meta tags all right, including og:image

I think that is a module bug because when i instaled FB for facebook it worked for a few weeks and now dont show the image

Any solution for this?

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I think it sounds interesting that you can post in Drupal and see these on Facebook page. Would you mind telling me which moduls you use for this and if there are for Drupal 6 and/or Drupal 7? Would also be great if I could see this on your Drupal and Facebook page to see how it looks, because maybe it would be something for me to use too, please?

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Check out Drupal for FaceBook module.