Anyone could please give me some idea on how to display ads from the Advertisement module (/project/ad) in the overlay. I tried couple of the overlay modules to display page/block that has following code:
Within normal page it shows 2 ads, but within the overlay I'm just getting the plain text of that code instead of ads: "[[ad|nids=5726,3864|quantity=2]]".
What could be done (or is there a module) so that code will be rendered properly within the overlay? Or maybe there is a way to use php calls to get ads view counts along with images.


It was easy: I just need to tweak overlay module's php code and use Advertisement's ad() function without print() to count views and to get rendered HTML and then just pass that HTML to the js that will show it in the overlay.
With TinyBox overlay module:
$tinybox_content= ad(NULL, 1, array('nids' => '3864'));
So there is no need for the page/block to fire those ads - everything is added into tinybox.module