The Mollom module needs to be ready for Drupal 8 at the beginning of its release on November 19.

Proposed Resolution

The module will need to be rewritten using the base user stories and test cases and guidance. The approach of a simple 'going through change requests' is too massive and does not take into account the fact that some portions of the module will need to be re-thought.


Minor - in general we are aiming for parity of API, functionality, and interface with the initial release. Larger changes to functionality, etc. will be made in subsequent releases but the aim for 8.x-1.0 is to simply provide Mollom functionality for Drupal 8. Some minor changes may include

  • Retirement of flag as inappropriate
  • Possible retirement of form behavior analysis
  • Will begin looking at shift to entities only rather than forms (but will not make this change in 8.x-1.0).


Along with Drupal 8 release ;-)

Original report by @Gaelan

It's not that far off. :) I'm going to take a stab at this. We'll see if that goes anywhere.


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Any progress?

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I've started to take a stab at this as well. I don't expect I'll have something that runs without erroring out for another month or so. My initial approach is to just modernize the existing without rethinking the whole thing. I would expect a full re-think will become an obvious next step once done with the exercise of a straight port.

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Any progress?

I may have some free time to help soon.

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Hi there,
The start has been postponed for a few more weeks at this point. Would love to use this space to discuss high-level ideas, though, and we could move them into separate tickets for work once I get a basic structure built on the d8 branch.

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Please follow the 8.x-1.x branch to find out what the updates are. As soon as we are happy with a stable 1:1 port of the 7.x-2.x branch to 8.x-1.x we'll start posting issues here again. Big architectural changes, as ashta mentions should still happen here.

We welcome patches for sure, so please let us know if you are interested in collaborating!

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Can you please make a drupal 8 dev release so people can start testing?

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The branch is being worked on. I'm sorry to not be able to give you a date when it will be ready yet but we are working hard whenever we can schedule some time. We also welcome help from contributers, so feel free to give patches or suggestions.

The module should already install, but it is lacking active spam protection still.

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As an FYI - I've been plugging away at this from the core requirements point of view. As I find smaller tasks (or not so small tasks as the case may be) that still need doing I'm adding them as d.o. issues and linking them to this parent issue. If you want to take one on - feel free to assign it to yourself and take stab at it. The core spam blocking will be available shortly - however tests have not yet been written.

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 8.x-1.x-dev
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Note: The D8 module is available as a beta release now. The following functionality has not been ported:

  • Form behavior analysis
  • Flag as inappropriate
  • Mail reporting links

At this point all patches should be submitted against the 8.x-1.x branch first and then back-ported to D7 and D6 (for the time being). Patches will also need test cases once the approach has been solidified.

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Released! Woohoo!

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