Ok, maybe I am missing something here and staring right at it.

When a five year old thread with lots of posts in is bumped by a new post...

How on earth do you find it?



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if you've commented on it you can use the tracker in your profile. Else you are performing a search with google or drupal.org search.

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Thanks VM,

Are we talking about the same thing?

I mean the new post itself in the threaded thread, not the thread itself. LOL what a sentence.

If there are 50 posts spread over years, a new one stuck in the middle someplace.... how do you find the new one? Just have to look for it?

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I see there is a little [new] thing there.

Given the nature of this particular forum, the way very old threads are resurrected regularly a flat model might be a lot better.

Though I suspect this has been beaten to death someplace else.

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the problem with flat discussions is that another user may have a follow up to a specific comment made within the thread itself. As this comment is to the comment above. Which isn't to say that there are methods to try and overcome disorientation in both types of commenting (youtube and it's response to indicator). There are pros and cons to both types of display.