Node A:
Product Category: Bikes > Fixed Gear Bikes

Node B:
Product Category: Scooters

Now if I want to setup custom breadcrumbs and I want to use something like Home > [root term] > [node_title] I'd use something like [node:product_category:root] to get the root category term.

This works for Node A as it will show the crumb as Home > Bikes > Node A Title.
Node B however is broken and it does not render the root term. Perhaps because Scooters itself is a root term and does't have any parents?
Why is this? Is it fixable or intended functionality?

#1 term-token-real-root-2050421-1.patch1.71 KBgeophysicist
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Here is patch. Added possibility to use real root. Just insert real-root token instead root

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It sounds like you want a token like [term:root-or-current] that has logic depending if the term itself is a root term or not. You can easily create custom tokens via the core token APIs (hook_token_info() and hook_tokens(), or via the Custom tokens module). I cannot change the behavior of the [term:root] token to fit this need.

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Here is an implementation of the said hooks to add this [term:root-or-current] token: http://dropbucket.org/node/1535

In my opinion this should be the default behavior of the [term:root] token. I would be glad if this get into future version, where backwards compatibility can be broken.

Or - as a less philosophical solution - add this extra token to the token module.

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Needs review

Both patches won't fix this issue...

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To implement the described custom token in Drupal 8, use the following in your custom module:

use Drupal\Core\Render\BubbleableMetadata;

 * Implements hook_token_info().
function custom_changes_token_info() {
    $info = array();
    $info['tokens']['term']['root-or-current'] = array(
        'name' => t('Root or Current Term'),
        'description' => t("The root term of the taxonomy term unless the term itself is the root."),
        'type' => 'term',
    return $info;

 * Implements hook_tokens().
function custom_changes_tokens($type, array $tokens, array $data = array(), array $options = array(), BubbleableMetadata $bubbleable_metadata) {
    if ($type == 'term' && !empty($data['term'])) {

$term = $data['term'];

        foreach ($tokens as $name => $original) {
            switch ($name) {
                case 'root-or-current':
                    $storage = \Drupal::service('entity_type.manager')->getStorage('taxonomy_term');
                    $parents = $storage ->loadAllParents($term->id());
                    $root_term = end($parents);
                    if ($root_term->id() != $term->id()) {
                        $replacements[$original] = $root_term->label();
                    else {
                        $replacements[$original] = $term->label();
    return $replacements;