Thanks for your support.
Below is the message that is given when trying to delete outdated modules.
Where should I start in locating this problem?

-Joe A

Message failure:

The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.


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What did you upgrade from? Why would you upgrade to D7.2 when current version is 7.22?

You should start by looking at Reports > Recent Log Messages in the Drupal admin interface. You may also find useful information in the server error log, that is, the Apache error log if use use an Apaceh web seder (particularly if, as is normal, php errors are written to the Apache log). It is likely the answer is in one or both logs.

A major version upgrade (e.g. from D6 to D7) is often no easy matter, and usually followed by a lot of debugging, depending on the complexity of the site. The workaround is to build a new site and migrate content.

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I have upgraded from 6.28 to 7.22.

Never had any problems with past upgrades: 6.26 to 6.28.

Using the default themes. Bartik 7.22 (default theme).

-Joe A

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A major version upgrade in Drupal is very different from a minor version update because major version are not 'backwards compatible,' so software for Drupal 6 and for Drupal 7 cannot be mixed, and even where you follow documentation carefully there are often problems. However, if you have few contributed modules normally it works OK.