When I implement this into a simple view of images, when I click on an image and it opens the photoswipe popup you cannot navigate between images.


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Has no one run into this issue yet?

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Hey I don't have a whole lot of time this second ill recomment later. I have been using this module for months now with no problems in a production environment. The key is to use the older version of the JavaScript library. When I have a few extra minutes I will tell u exactly which. I even have the title field showing with no problem whatsoever.

This module is awesome I think something went wrong with the updates! Shoot me an email for a faster response gregstathes@gmail.com

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Thanks @Drupal Rookie. Any chance of further details?


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I'm facing the same issue

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I got this working by I think adding a class to the view. I just don't have access to the site at the moment to check exactly what it was, maybe .gallery? I'll have a look and provide an update.

I also ended up not using the latest photoswipe version (I had issues getting it working) and used the older version stated in the readme of the module.

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Adding a class ".photoswipe-gallery" will fix it

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@m_dotcomegypt you just saved my day, thank you. (@Others: it has to be applied to the View, not the views-item as I first did:-)

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Issue summary: View changes

To clarify for the uninitiated: you can add a class to the view in the 'Advanced' column, under 'Other'. Add 'photoswipe-gallery' to the 'CSS class:' item.

Writing this down because I spent 10 minutes finding this out for myself and just want to help. Thanks guys. I love this module even if it isn't maintained so well.

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awesome. thank you for the information? has this been docuumented? it should?

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all of this is documented in README people

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Oh great - Thank you my friend.

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