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MD5: abc616d60e71436e59088cd3b2859253
SHA-1: 26102d2f3264d0c407ccf23521bcc19dce852cbd
SHA-256: 86d70478e853c9ab6bfc6b60001b127b8481828f5937ea2122263205ef3b9d9b
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SHA-256: 817fc2f8deb581a3c8fd17bce4e74229aed3bd1b891d477fb65f4173adcef2d0
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SHA-256: 8d364b66492c0a00e90f60d17be76b02aa0908d546730a7b109a9bb0e15d3d4a
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SHA-256: 82733129064ab4066ea78ce6ca59db36d92415c4f7d5528253bfb37eba445341
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SHA-256: 1ac27991b48b1c67d3dab013aa2d1c7beed58382f18bc8b0c85f855fcad0247e
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MD5: f944272dee7c19c6af1782ee00db174f
SHA-1: 97e318a8d0fc136ed57cd2574c727357d3e46ef9
SHA-256: f949cd967e53fe96328e38f603b8d15b45c89c2fcdeca6caf7379cb3fe4e56fe

Release info

Created by: e2thex
Created on: July 24, 2013 - 18:08
Last updated: September 15, 2016 - 19:08
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Dev Release

Patches applied in this package

Projectsort descending Patch issue Patch URL
Boxes #1561196: $_GET['q'] path results in issues with AJAX on homepage
Boxes #1561196: $_GET['q'] path results in issues with AJAX on homepage
Boxes #1758970: Cancel button on inline add box popup fails validation on description
Boxes #1632916: Edit Box modal dialog fails with JS error in IE7 and IE8
CAPTCHA #825088: Exportables support for CAPTCHA points
Chaos tool suite (ctools) #1901106: Allow querystring to (optionally) override empty exposed filters.
Default Content #2049527: defaultcontent_export_node is suspectable to recursion (as features_var_export) is if node is recursive
Delta #1532196: Breadcrumbs can be empty despite specifying delta_blocks_breadcrumb_current
Drupal core #1369024: Add id to message type h2
Drupal core #1369584: Add Error Message to Form element and link to it from error message
Drupal core #1697570: _menu_load_objects() is not always called when building menu trees
Drupal core #1441950: Node types removed from hook_node_info with base = 'node_content' cannot be deleted
Drupal core #2124397: Keyboard focus is lost after an AJAX page update
Drupal core #992540: Nothing Clears the "5 Failed Login Attempts" Security message
Node Connect #1362782: Buttons need Context for Screen Readers
Nodequeue #1023606: Change qid from a int to a machine name
Nodequeue #872444: Can't add node by typing word of title that's not the first word
Rubik #1545882: Better accessibility for menu_local_tasks secondary tabs
Rubik #1556392: Filefields not rendering correctly in IE
Rubik #1525950: WYSIWYG in field collection, disable/enable rich-text label covered

External code in this package

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