What is the best Forum module with Drupal or anyone? I am looking at creating a Forum Based website and need to know what my options are besides paying someone to custom build a site. I have tried Wordpress but I did not like the way it looked and worked for what i want.


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Drupal core includes the forum module, there is also the contributed Advanced Forum module.

"Best" will depend on your needs.

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Advanced Forum is really only your current option for something forum like.

The core forum is of course used here.

How busy will this be? Bringing Drupal up to speed forum wise is going to very difficult to compete with SMF, PHPBB, vBulletin ect...

If the focus is primarily a forum, then use SMF or PHPBB.

It's a shame as Drupal could have pulled countless new users and developers from the likes of vBulletin with only a modest improvement in the forum.

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Of course it depends on what one wants/expects from a forum. I actually prefer Drupal's core forum without all the bells and whistles of other forum software.