I am setting up a form using EntityForms and Conditional Fields, and I am looking for an efficient way to show or not show groups of form fields based on answers to previous questions.

An example of a question is “Do you have any new students this quarter?”. If the answer is "yes", then this is what should happen:

  • Three text fields should appear (student’s first name, last name, and graduation date)
  • An "Add another student" button should appear
  • If "Add another student" is clicked, a second set of the student fields should appear, along with an additional "add another student" button. Up to ten students can be added.

This form was previously created with WebForms, WebForms Conditional, and WebForms Add More. With those modules, I created ten fieldsets, each with the same fields for each new student. The first fieldset was conditional and would only appear if someone answered "yes" to the initial question. The additional fieldsets were designated as "Add More" fieldsets so that each would only appear when the "Add More" button was clicked.

This was tedious to set up in WebForms, and since EntityForms has more capabilities (plus better ways to retrieve data in Views), I would like to use EntityForms to set up my form more efficiently.



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Can you use the Conditional Fields module?


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I think I have resolved my issue now by installing the Field Collection Table module.

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What does the table provided with that module has to do with showing/hiding fields conditionally??