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TMGMT includes a mechnism to detect content dependent on the source you are about to translate. You can, therefore, let the system suggest additional elements for which to create translation job items.

Let's look at an example. Assume you are using the Media module to manage your media content. And you use the File Entity Module to have your uploaded files registered as an entity. These will have 2 standard fields attached to them (Alt text and Title text).

Translating a node with an image file attached to it will also require to translate those additional fields. Thats where suggestions come in.

To demonstrate this, set up the following modules and types:

  • install Media module, version 2 (requires file entity, latest dev version, min. version 2)
  • activate entity translation for 'file' entity type (Administration > Configuration > Regional and language > Entity translation)
  • activate translation for the fields attached to the image file entity ( Administration > Structure > File types, choose 'manage fields' for Image, edit each field and check the 'Users may translate this field' box )
  • setup a content type with an image field. Make sure to choose 'Media File Selector' as the widget for the image field. Use 'Rendered file' as the display formatter on the image field
  • Under the publishing options for your content type, choose 'Enabled, with field translation'
  • Add content of the new type. Make sure to fill the 'Alt Text' and 'Title Text' box that are available after uploading the image file with the media module

Now it is time to request a translation. In the checkout form for the new job, click the 'Load suggestions' button. The box will expand:


Check the elements you want to add and click 'Add suggestions'. A second job item will automatically be generated and attached to the new job:

Suggestions chosen

Suggestions can be envisioned for many other data type. Menu links belonging to the node as an example. The existing framework can be expanded and contribution are welcome.

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