I am a self proclaimed newbie and I recenltly inherited a website developed in Drupal 7. The overall setup is pretty different from what I'm used to seeing. I'm trying to edit the URL alias in the path field of the menu links. I am able to edit the existing menu links if the paths are internal (in the format of "node/[####]"). But for some reason the top-level menu items have URL aliases that I cannot edit. When I go to Structure > Menu > Main Menu, and edit the top level menu link > in the path field, there's a URL alias that's hyperlinked to its designated sub-page and I am not able to edit this at all. (please see screenshot). I was wondering if someone happens to know how something like this was even set up and how I could edit the path. I've tried editing the paths in the various page structures and views, but they have no affect on the menu links.

The only work around is for me to delete the existing menu link and adding a new one with the internal path. The difficult part about that is that I can't easily locate the internal path/node IDs of some of the pages.

Thank you for your help!