I have an organic groups installation with the newish "complex" field widget. This appears on both users (to manage user group membership) and on content (to manage the groups it appears in). It has separate "Default" and "Administrator" widgets within the "Group membership" field, and it seems like groups appear in the default or administrator widgets depending on the current user's permissions. I don't understand what configuration or permissions control this, or what it means for a particular user to reference a group using the "Administrator" widget vs. the "Default" widget. I've attached a screenshot of the widget.

How does it affect functionality to reference a group using the two different parts of the widget? Is there existing documentation that explains this? If there isn't, I'd be happy to develop it once I have enough information.

og-complex_widget.png34.5 KBbecw
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My understanding is that the values that appear as options in the "default" are the options the administrative user would have even if they weren't a site-wide administrator.

So if a site has 26 groups (A through Z) and an administrative user is a member of groups A, C, M and Y then the default widget will list only those four groups (A, C, M and Y). The other 22 groups, which the admin is less likely to select (because the admin is not a member of those groups) can still be designated with the autocomplete "Administrator" group.

I haven't worked with this widget in nearly a year so my memory is a little foggy. Can someone else confirm?

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> Can someone else confirm?

confirmed, thanks :)

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It needs to be documented somewhere other than in a closed issue, or it will get asked again.

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Turns out all my questions were cleared up by the help text and label updates added in #1843080.

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@becw ,

Would be great if you could add stevector's/ your own explanation in OG's docs.