project gained power over its first version, in a proprietary system, by adopting Drupal, a platform sustained by hundreds of thousands of developers and companies worldwide, with a solid technical background that adds value to the company, to its clients and to the community itself by contributing back modules that were created for it.

Benfeitoria was a 2013 Blue Drop Awards finalist for Best Fundraising Website Built With Drupal.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Being a startup, Benfeitoria needs to be able to move quickly, according to the moves of the market where it stands, a “feature” that Drupal community provides everyday with a lot of new modules being created.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Benfeitoria is a fundraising platform where anyone can submit their project proposals to be evaluated by Benfeitoria team and, if the proposal seems solid enough, it becomes a full project that have a deadline and a financial goal to be achieved.

At this point, the project owner can specify financial and no financial contributions, each one related to a reward that could be earned if the project succeeds.

Alongside this, in the backend, Benfeitoria has a wide range of reports to enable real-time monitoring of the projects performance towards their goals.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

It seemed natural to choose Commerce as the base for this system because of the great API that this module provides, enabling us to make a really customized interface that you almost even notice you’re in an e-commerce structure while gaving us a lot of built-in mechanics of Order -> Payment workflow. Also, the whole ecosystem around Commerce would gave us a lot of tools without the need to develop almos any code, like Commerce Reports, Commerce Paypal, etc.

This module powers the “no financial contributions” part of the system, where it gave us a lot of flexibility while developing new Entity Types that didn’t make sense to be Content Types. Without any code, integrated with Features, was an amazing solution to our needs.

Entity Reference
With so many different Entity Types around the platform(Commerce Orders, Projects, Proposals, etc, etc), this module was fundamental to make easier to link everything, without any burdens.

Entity API
This one deserves a trophy, because on top of him we made a Domain Driven Development approach with Drupal, with many classes extending and encapsulating business logics, enabling us to develop this big platform with a really easy to understand code that help us to maintain and accelerate us on the development of each new feature.

Between many complex Facebook integration modules, this one simply worked and let we did our job with ease on integrating login and creating some share features for projects.

This project really needs cache, and the easy to use solution that is integrate Drupal with Memcache prove useful to us. Also, this could be extended to create some other complex caches that the platform needed.

As a fundamental piece of projects fundraising, we have the need to promote them on social media, so this module came to make the job done without problems.

With many reports on the backend, Views proves everyday how flexible it is, providing us a top of class framework to build dynamic reports in the pace that the project needs.

We are dealing everyday with other people’s money, so every care should be doubled. For this, we created a module(contributed back to the community at with security, flexibility and the best programming practices in mind so that it could be easily extended for specific use cases.

Another module that came from heaven was Migrate(and Commerce Migrate), that made our task of migrating almost 2 years of contributions in the previous platform a more sane task.

Project team: 

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