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MD5: f1f8036c5dc006d641f504d2126ae4e7
SHA-1: fecd9a6a316a8828c6b14c201a96a375ef0244ae
SHA-256: a84aad043541fa256f17ed52fa4cb33fb3614d60b6d3e108944025aa0fa902b6
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SHA-1: 91f376eb87023246b9bde85efa3b997017589227
SHA-256: 2fd3730d59104ad30e9182aa375ca315c1081f0bc6d769a51a55987c134079fa

Release info

Created by: rszrama
Created on: 23 Jul 2013 at 19:47 UTC
Last updated: 10 Sep 2014 at 20:01 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.8 is primarily a bug fix release, though it brings with it new features and UI improvements related to internationalization and our Views integration. Thanks in large part to bojanz, it is now possible to translate interface text configured via settings forms and field forms using i18n. For more information, follow his meta translation issue.

To update, simply replace your existing version of Drupal Commerce with the 7.x-1.8 release and run update.php.

Changes since 7.x-1.7 (27 commits):

  • #2046841 by rszrama: update the docs for the back_value parameter of hook_commerce_checkout_page_info() to clarify that it's specifically for going back to previous pages, not exiting from the checkout process via the cancel button.
  • #1940794 by jonhattan: remove unnecessary Rules dependencies from the Product and Price module .info files.
  • #1850642 by facine: correctly use the hidden value for symbol and code placement keys in currency info arrays.
  • #2046449 by zterry95: fix the currency formatting for CNY.
  • Add some missing parameter documentation to commerce_cart_add_to_cart_form().
  • #1946302 by jsacksick, bojanz, rszrama: allow custom attribute field widget titles to be set and translated via i18n.
  • Remove unnecessary Add to Cart form redirect code now that the related core issue has been fixed for Drupal 7.
  • #2015425 by bojanz: allow the order creation help text to be translated through i18n.
  • #1960820 by mstrelan: minor change the default checkout completion message.
  • #1196488 by bojanz: allow the checkout completion message to be translated.
  • #1121722 by bojanz: switch field translation to use the i18n object translation API instead of directly sing the string translation API.
  • #1630112 by rszrama: allow tax type and tax rate descriptions to be NULL.
  • #1551032 by rszrama et al: format AUD by default as it would be formatted for Australian stores, e.g. $1,000.00.
  • #1783826 by rszrama, joachim: add more descriptive labels and help text to our custom reference field Views relationships.
  • #1576570 by rszrama: update the reverse product reference relationship to use the Views handler view_handler_relationship_entity_reverse.
  • #1996780 by krlucas: prevent the product type Views field handler from attempting to render a non-existent product type in the values array.
  • #1925646 by rszrama: update line item comparison in the Add to Cart process to accommodate line items of different types that may have different fields.
  • #1976426 by rszrama: offset the splice in commerce_product_autocomplete() to include splicing off any leading path arguments introduced by other modules like the language code in Locale.
  • #2028195 by rszrama: remember the current payment method selection if some other form element on the checkout form triggers an AJAX form refresh.
  • #1923326 follow-up by bojanz: support multiple order types in the check to determine if a customer profile checkout pane references a valid customer profile field when building the checkout form.
  • #1734102 by rszrama: limit validation errors to the line item manager widget when its buttons are clicked.
  • #2022949 by j0rd: add the ability to use alternate order types with commerce_cart_order_new().
  • #2004942 by j0rd: ensure commerce_payment_method_instance_load() can load the related Rule configuration before attempting to traverse its actions.
  • #2019727 by Haza: fix cart update submission when using the enter key on a quantity textfield in the shopping cart form.
  • #1423204 by jsacksick: improve the self-healing of broken line item references on orders during order total calculation.
  • #2032669 by bojanz: correct the default formatter for the price field.
  • #2013461 by theo_: prevent the product autocomplete callback from returning two empty arrays.


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