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Changes since 7.x-2.0-beta2:

  • Merge branch '7.x-2.x' of into 7.x-2.x
  • Fix bad branch tags in make
  • [version][branch] to [version]
  • Fix missing make in oa_subspaces, moved oa_radix theme
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openatrium-7.x-2.0-beta3-core.tar.gz 14.13 MB 1de031bcddb0ac032eb27da2c2ba4de5 17.48 MB a00e8b0031d136d0b65df3d09f9fdce8
openatrium-7.x-2.0-beta3-no-core.tar.gz 11.01 MB 7355a52b8da142ebfcf39f078f120927 13.58 MB 4eb90567518c7b69e4a2938120f212b5
openatrium-7.x-2.0-beta3.tar.gz 73.44 KB 369d56c3750851212601aeb32835b372 78.09 KB 0716e410113e15961bbb4cdb33db973c
Last updated: July 23, 2013 - 18:16
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