I'm using a sub theme on a site and all works well in IE9 and other browsers, however in IE8 the right sidebar completely overlaps the main content and footer content is left aligned. I have checked the option for media support for IE8 in the Polyfills setting but that doesn't make any difference. Unfortunately I have to support IE8 so does anyone know how this can be resolved?

Also where about is the call to load respond.js


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The Polyfill you are talking about is to support Media Queries in IE8 - you should be extremely weary of using this extension - there are many issues with the respond.js polyfill for IE, it can cause way more issues than its worth, the only reason it is there is for legacy support (when having IE8 an dbelow be responsive was the rage).

Look, if the layout is broken in this theme, you need to post a link. Broken layout would be very, very odd, its very widely tested and won't break easily, unless you wrote CSS or used a module with some CSS that is messing with the layout.

IE8 support is not as unusual as you might think, this theme was designed in the day when we needed to support layout all the way back to IE7 (I dropped IE6 support in the 7.x-3.x series).