Normally each node has a status field "published" which is kept with the same node table.

It would be nice if messages also have that kind of field. We would use it to indicate if the message is read or not for example.

This can also be achieved by adding a field by "manage fields" interface of a message type, but since they are kept in a different table, it would be slower. Also if I have 8 message types for example, I would add this field for each one.


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Message isn't working only with nodes, so we shouldn't add that property.

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I think I have been misunderstood. I just gave the node as an example.

Just like the nodes (published property), we would use a "status" property attached to a message. In my current scenario, I manually add a "status" column to message table. Then, I use it to make a message "read". This is preferable over adding a field to every message type.

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I understand your use case, and have many cases like this, but for example I don't know if status is boolean or not.
I believe Message should be kept generic enough for each implementer to decide their own.