We have a website build with aGov 1.0 Beta 3 and works very well.
agov beta 3

Few days ago we update for maintenance and security to latest release aGov 1.0 beta 11 and we have an issue with slideshow pager css. Now looks:
agov beta 3

We found a major change from latest release in featured content slideshow.

In our previous site featured block content take news article flagged as featured to show in slideshow in the featured article region. After update there is new content called Slides and the Slideshow block show that content in slideshow mode.
Slides vs featured article

Then we update our data (copy & paste) from featured articles to Slides, and put Slideshow block at featured articles region instead of featured article block.

But something didn't work, because now the pager of slideshow didn't show correctly. Seems to be a problem with css. We was looking at code generated but we don't know where to adress this issue. Maybe at views UI? at global.css? ...

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I enable devel and get this info:

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I found the problem! But I don't understand how and why is produced.

The file global.css rewriten in /sites/default/files/color/agov_base-77f2c9b1/global.css have a strange mistakes:

Why? I don't know : (

I tried to delete this file, clean cache, disable and enable Toogle Styles.. but always there was something didn't show fine.

settings 2

Then I correct the mistakes (featured word) in /sites/default/files/color/agov_base-77f2c9b1/global.css and pager Slideshow now looks well and other theming elements show more or less fine.

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Thanks for the info. We'll investigate further.

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I have looked through the repository for code matching the above "#bfadffctured-" class and I found nothing.. Are you sure that these classes are in our download?

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.