I have a views with contextual filter and table display.
It all shows to me some information about node.

I have two different cases on my view page.

If I set the Exclusion string to all, it shows me the URL in breadcrumb as 'node/all/some-tab-url'/
If I set the Exclusion string to the empty value, it shows me 'node/%2A/some-tab-url' (encoded html string 'node/*/some-tab-url').

I've debugged it and allocated that array $breadcrumb_args in _build_arguments() views.inc:775 will newer to be used.

I removed it and my views works correctly now.

Could somebody see to my patch (and to code) to check this situation?

views-breadcrumb_args.patch1.23 KBvadym.kononenko
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Title: views.inc _build_arguments() $breadcrumb_args is newer to be used. » views.inc _build_arguments() $breadcrumb_args will newer to be used.